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Side Return Extensions Explained

A side return extension is often the best way to make use of the void space found on the side of most victorian terraces. This kind of Victorian terrace extension can add a lot of valuable space to your house, and transform your kitchen into an open plan and vibrant centre of your home. These types of extension are usually called SIDE RETURN EXTENSIONS because they involve the removal of the side return wall as well as the rear wall. New steel supports and a new party wall is then built. The roof can either be slated with velux skylights or made from glass. To request a survey for your victorian terrace extension just fill in the form and a representative will contact you asap.

Rear Extensions - What is the difference?

REAR EXTENSIONS is the general term referring to works that extend the back of your home - whether it is a side extension, or simply an extension of your home into the original garden space. Where SIDE RETURNS are specifically for victorian terraces, other rear extensions are made for more modern buildings. Some extensions will incorporate a side extension and an extension to the back wall and are sometimes called wrap around house extensions. These types of home improvement not only add valuable space and value to your home they are usually preferable and much cheaper than a basement conversion if you have the appropriate space. Like all extensions they are also preferable to moving home in many cases. Give us a call and we can advise you on the best extension options for your home.

Garden Room Extensions

There are many different types of garden room extensions, many of which also incorporate an open plan kitchen. These garden rooms are different from conservatories because they involve extending the house with solid walls and have controllable heat all year round. Our kitchen extensions to the rear of the house will often have glazed ceilings and have sliding doors directly into the garden which gives a very impressive new feature to your home, and is perfect for entertaining, or just lounging on a sunny day. These are often called garden room kitchen extensions. If you need more information do not hesitate to get in contact.

Getting our kitchen extension was such a great decision. It has undoubtedly become the favourite room in our house. The extra space and light makes it perfect for entertaining or just hanging out in. We love it!
Marie Janus
The side return extension on our victorian terrace has completely transformed our kitchen from a narrow pokey space, into a light and spacious eating area. If you are thinking about doing it, I highly recommend it.
Ian Mayfield
Brilliant - we love our kitchen extension. It is a much better use of the space at the side of our home.
Sergio Lorca

Side Return and Rear Extensions in London

If you are looking for side extension ideas or rear extension ideas we are happy to help. This website is dedicated to giving London home owners access to good information about cost effective ways to extend their kitchen and living space. The articles here draw from the wealth of experience of architects and tradesmen, who are specialists in home extensions. If you need information about extension planning permission we also have a section on that, and if you want to find out the average cost of a side return extension you can read about it here too. You can of course request a free personalised survey and quote for your home and kitchen extension. Just give us a call or complete the form below and a representative from our team will be in contact asap.